About us

Our Goal

For many careers there is a well defined pathway to the professional realm. But becoming a marine biologist is less straightforward. The content in this site is for those interested in the ocean as their place of work. While marine biology is not one size fits all, the information in this site will help provide guidance for budding scientists based on the experience of professionals in this field.

Content creator: Dr. Phil Matich is currently a faculty member at Texas A & M Galveston and a member of the NGO Saving the Blue. His experience since 2006 ranges from sharks and whale to seagrass and corals in the shallows and open ocean.

Your Goal

Most people begin and end their marine biology careers in very different places, but a common thread for many people is a goal. This offers a target to aim for and motivation to keep pushing when challenges emerge.

Defining this goal is important, but not necessary prior to diving in. Sometimes you have to try things before you can identify what you want. And once you identify this goal, it’s important to know that is will almost certainly change with time.

That being said, it’s worth thinking about your goals as you read and implement the recommendations in the blog section. Then seek to define and refine your goal(s) as you gain more experience.